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Our user-friendly system enables you to get your vignette within just a couple of clicks! Using your saved data, you can automatically fill the personal details in the form!

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If fast service is important for you, choose the Progopay system – purchase your vignette from home, without having to queue. You can even buy your vignette using your mobile phone!

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To avoid fines, the Progopay e-vignette system automatically warns you if your vignette is about to expire. Save money and time, use Progopay when buying your e-vignette.

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The online payment platform enables you to immediately pay for your vignette so you can have a valid vignette within seconds! Of course, you can always review your purchase history in your account.

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Don’t worry, if you get stuck in the process of buying a vignette! Should you have any problems or queries, feel free to contact our customer service during working hours.

Hungarian Motorway Vignettes

Don’t forget to buy your e-vignette in advance. You get fined if you only buy the vignette afterwards. If you enter a toll motorway without a valid vignette and the monitoring system records you, you will be fined even if you purchase an e-vignette afterwards. To avoid fines, we kindly ask all drivers to buy the vignette in advance in order to avoid any inconveniences.

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